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Cat Magik Jennifer Pritchett

No other animal or human can claim the height of fame and status quite like our friend the Cat. Worshiped as Gods, feared as Devils. Throughout the ages they have remained steady companions and enigmas of loyalty, and Independence. Happily playing the part, only a true cat lover might understand. The Cat, ever mysterious and, Mystical in nature, wouldn’t have it any other way. In speaking of Cat Magik I can’t help but start with the mesmerizing personality of our beloved friends.

Is it any wonder people would worship the enchanting grace of a Cat? Their eyes that wax with the Moon must surely witness things we can’t dream to see. From Goddess to Familiar, no one can deny that the nature of Cats has helped Magik, and Myth stay alive through the Centuries. The stories and legends that surround Cats has proven almost as fascinating to us as the creatures themselves.

In the old days it was presumed that Witches took the shape of their furry friends to stalk the Countryside’s at night. In times before that, there were the stories of how Cat’s were created to be divine companions for Women, their Moon Sisters, and of a sacred bond between them. Ancient Egyptians worshiped them as earthly embodiments of the Goddess Bast. The Celts were even said to believe a Cat’s eyes to be the doorway into other realms.

Even the Christians still in fear, but always in awe, couldn’t help but give a mystical twist to their own version of how our friends came into existence. On Noah’s Ark, overrun by vermin, Moses said a prayer to God to deliver them from the quickly multiplying rodents. A lioness sneezed shortly thereafter. In doing so created the first pair of housecats, miniature lions. In the East, a Cat’s healing powers is praised still and almost worshipped even today. Some Eastern teachers today believe a Cat’s purr to be the only true form of Meditation on this Earth. In Japanese store fronts you can see Maneki-Neko *Lucky Cats beckoning in Good Fortune and Friendship. An icon long cherished after a wise feline saved an honorable Priest.

Finally today even the Medical Field is giving credit where it’s due. Research has finally proven that Elderly people live longer when they have pets. Cats, and other pets have also proven to lower blood pressure and anxiety problems.

Throughout our world we have passed on customs and stories of our beloved whiskered friends. No matter what the moral or lesson we find a way to show honor and respect to our charming companions. As any true Cat Lover will attest. True Cat Magik is in their ability to make us love.

Cat Dream Interpretations
(traditional, and some from Clare Nahmad’s ‘Catspells’)

  • To dream of a black cat is lucky.
  • To dream of a tortoiseshell cat means luck in love.
  • To dream of a ginger cat means luck in money and business
  • To dream of a white cat means luck in creativity, spiritual matters, divination and spellcraft.
  • To dream of a black-and-white cat means luck with children; may also mean the birth of a child.
  • To dream of a tabby cat means luck for the home and all who live there.
  • To dream of a grey cat means to be guided by your dreams.
  • To dream of a calico or multi-coloured cat means luck with new friends and old ones.
  • A dream of two cats fighting means illness or a quarrel.

Cat Spells and Charms

If a black cat crosses your path, greet the animal politely and stroke it three times if possible, while reciting this charm: ‘Black cat, cross my path, Good fortune bring to home and hearth, When I am away from home Bring me luck wherever I roam’.

Then leave the cat and go on your way. If you abuse, insult or ignore the cat, no good luck will follow.

Article Written by Jennifer Pritchett aka: Wicked Pandora. Remembering, honoring and missing her.



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