The Craft of the Wise Woman

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The Craft of the Wise Woman

Craft of the wise woman Jennifer Pritchett

Growing herbs, paying attention to Moon Cycles, invoking the power of stones and minerals was once an everyday occurrence. At one time these were Arts all Humans knew. We know the Myths, and Legends of a time when Animals spoke, and an herbal potion created at just the right moment could ensnare the most handsome Prince. We remember them as Fairy Tales, and allow ourselves to believe as children but forget the hope as our bodies age.

We forget with time the honored traditions of making a wish as we blow on a dandelion puff, and hunting for faerie rings in the Foxglove.

There are those though who never forgot these things. Shutting themselves away from society they can reflect on fond memories. They tap into that innocent, wonderful hope they nurtured as children and never let go. With it they chart the moon phases, speak with the Elementals, and make themselves at one with Nature. They have been called Witch, Wise Woman, Healer, Shaman, Medicine Man, they have known as many names as the Goddess herself. Yet they always reflect her true Spirit. That of Light, Charity, and Hope.

For those wanting to follow that path today there are many resources available. Book stores, Libraries, and the Internet are full of a wealth of knowledge to those who seek it. Look for things on growing your own herbs, and check Magickal Almanacs for Moon cycles and growth seasons. “The Herb Companion” is a wonderful guide for any Herb lover! It gives helpful tips, articles, and recipes! Look for Astrological occurrences Meteors, Eclipses, and Heavenly Alignments. Make yourself listen to your inner child, creative side and nurture your Higher Self.

Make yourself comfortable in your Kitchen! Hang wind-chimes in your Garden. Place a Crystal near your cooking stove. Always play music and light candles when you cook! Sing to your Spaghetti sauce and whisper to your sweet cakes. Keep yourself in good harmony while being creative and baking or cooking to charge your food!! Think positive thoughts while you stir and simmer!

Whole rituals can be done right in the Kitchen! Start your day with a Ritual bath to cleanse yourself of all negativity!

Sit in your Kitchen work space for ten minutes or so and mediate on Mother Nature, A Goddess of the hearth, or say your daily devotional prayer to whatever Deity you chose!
Light a candle and ask the Universe to bless your home and family! Now get Creative in the Kitchen!

Use Basil for Prosperity, Rosemary for Protection, and Lavender for love!

Make every day Enchanting and Mystical!

Article Written by Jennifer Pritchett aka: Wicked Pandora. Remembering, honoring and missing her.



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