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At the top of the stairs

Here is a video I can’t explain. Unless obviously a professional got a hold of it and edited it. But it doesn’t seem like a fake. I try to put myself in that situation and think how I would act and they acted like I would… all freaked out and scared. If its a fake, great job! If it is not, they should move immediately! VIEW, VOTE and DISCUSS!

Is this video real or fake?

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  1. 10-18-2010

    I just realized that I ask if the video is real or fake and I have the answers yes and no… LOL!

  2. 10-18-2010

    I’ll give ya the answer then so wonder no more. This is faked. Season 1/Episode 104 of Fact or Faked shows this video and debunk it. I didn’t buy it then or now…. but it still kinda creeps me out to think that maybe just maybe it could be real!!

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