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This is the episode that freaked me and my wife out. I watch a TON of paranormal shows, but this one ROCKS THE HOUSE. Paranormal State is our favorite show and we watch it religiously. This one was about possession and exorcism. The clip I have here does not show the all the disturbing things that happens, I could not find that clip. Vote below and let us know what you think!

Is this exorcism for real or what?

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  1. 9-11-2012

    I actually go to school at Western Illinois University, Quincy is just 45 mins away, and I know who this girl is in Quincy, she is pretty famous… but not for the Reason’s you would think… Her family is known to be HUGE ATTENTION GRABBERS… they have called the police multiple times accusing neighbors of demonic practices, neighbors as demons, etc… The TV show was just looking for a good story and good story tellers… well, LOL they found them in Quincy.. lol Don’t believe it… its not real.

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