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This has got to be one of the videos that really creeped me out the most.  I saw this a few years back and I was like WOW, that was messed up.  I know it could be one of many hoaxes and if all you want to do is debunk the videos then what fun is it?  If anyone can translate what ever language they were speaking I would appreciate it. VOTE and DISCUSS below!

Is this video real or fake?

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  1. 10-14-2010

    I had to vote not sure what I think because I don’t… I am leaning more to the hoax side because it could have been a really thin ugly man hiding in the bushes…. brings to mind the lord of the rings… anyone see my precious??
    BTW debunking the videos IS fun! if we take everything as true paranormal it becomes normal and ruins the sense of wonderment and mystical properties. it’s the videos that leave us without an answer to what it really could have been is what the paranormal is all about! Just my opinion…

  2. 10-14-2010

    Oh just noticed in the still photo above the video… it looks like the guy is wearing glasses…. change my vote to hoax!

  3. 7-22-2011

    Actually this has been seen a few other times. Once from a tree stand and there was another one that I failed to save and I can’t find. Interesting.


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