Fresno California night crawler

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This goes under the category of WTH is this? So numerous paranormal investigators, scientists and experts have tried to figure out what the hell this is and no one has a clue. So I have watched it a bunch and I only come to one conclusion, and I could be wrong, the videos are a little erratic. It travels in a straight line, it does not divert from the path making me believe that there is a line or a wire these things are traveling on… not exactly hard core science, just a theory. anyways, this is still very unexplainable. VIEW, VOTE, DISCUSS

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  1. 10-23-2010

    Very strange indeed. It almost looks like a gumby at one point as funny as that sounds…

  2. 11-24-2010

    I’ve seen this several times and every time I get goosebumps! They tested the hoax with something attached to a wire on Fact or Faked:The Paranormal Files, and they couldn’t replicate it, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t staged. But that being said, it walking in a straight line could also mean intelligence, because what intelligent being would walk in figure 8’s if it wants to get to its goal faster?

    Granted, its a fairly grainy video and it really could be anything, (anyone consider a stork or other taller walking bird? doesn’t explain what looks like a cape on the 2nd one that walked through) but it is definitely one of the creepier videos out there, and if its real, then we really need to consider that either there is a cryptid on earth we don’t know about in California, or more likely we’re actually being visited by extraterrestrials. Let’s hope this isn’t the only video ever to surface of these…things!

    • 11-24-2010

      Very good points. Plus the man who filmed this video is not interested in publicity.. just wants to know what the hell these are!

      Which tells me if this is a set up then it had nothing to do with the homeowner.

  3. 5-10-2011

    it could be an alien robot
    there is no prof that the creatures are biological

    • 5-10-2011

      Good point… it could be like what we do with the “Land Rover” on mars…. VERY interesting, thank you!

    • 10-10-2014

      nope you are wrong

      they are creatures

  4. 6-27-2011

    Could be a pair of Great Egrets, Great Blue Herons, Storks or any tall wading bird native to California – the size is about right too. The second creature suffers from lens/capture distortion IMO rather than showing more defined characteristics. Unfortunately due to the poor quality of the CCTV capture we’ll probably never know but a pair of wading birds fits the bill :).

  5. 7-4-2011

    I have seen tons of the videos on Youtube showing “aliens” and other “creatures”, and I have never believed in most of them.
    But this one has left me in doubt – there is something so real about it somehow, and I must confess that I believe in it – or want to believe in it.

    However, a Surveillance cameras re-uses the tape again and again, and maybe it could be some details from an earlier recording on the same tape, a double exposure so to speak. The sticks could be the legs of cranes or other kind of long legged animals, the rest of it deleted from the film. I am no expert when it comes to filming and recording, so I can be wrong – it is just a suggestion.

  6. 11-12-2011

    i like how on fact or faked when they were hunting down the creatures, there was a sound like they were chirping or something. it sounded kinda like the sound a little monkey or something would make. thats what really creeped me out.

  7. 11-30-2011

    Has anyone seen the latest video of these things?


    I thought it was really intersting, they look almost exactly like the ones from the first video, & the person who also caught them on a security camera isnt too far from Fresno either.

  8. 12-17-2011

    Videos Like this usually end up on Fact or Faked.
    The Investigators are Very well trained and alot of the time they prove the videos hoaxes, but this one they couldn’t, I feel this is very real.
    I Honestly beleive in the existence of Aliens. Always.

  9. 12-17-2011

    Videos like these usually end up on Fact or Faked.
    The Investigators are very well trained and most of the time Prove these Videos Hoaxes.
    This video of the Fresno Nightcrawler they Couldn’t prove fake.
    The mystery still remains, Is it real. . . or fake?
    I will always believe in the Existence of Aliens. Always.

  10. 3-20-2012

    when I first saw this on fact or fake, i thought of it being attach on a string or something, I’m afraid of scary things and this was one of them, it hunted me to the next day, but when they tried the experience it didn’t work long with those power out’s on the camera and such, I knew something was going on, other people might said Alien because you never seen something like it before, some like my dad said it’s some sort of demon or spirit, weird I must admit and the Fact or Fake people only thought of there kinds of way of making the creatures, there’s other ways to create it like a robot,

    • 7-1-2014

      I’m just going to say that a robot wouldn’t be able to move the way the NightCrawler does. Robots aren’t capable in our own technology to walk like that, especially in that straight a path. Hell I know Fact or Faked did this on their show trying to the line wire and everything. Honestly I believe the NightCrawler is real. I also believe there is a good amount of them hiding around possibly. Another thing is if we find them, not to wipe ’em out, but maybe… Study them a bit. Learn what we can to see if they are even harmful or not. I honestly believe they are not.

  11. 5-8-2012

    i want to kill those damn things

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