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Guardian Angel

So I have seen this quite a few times and my video researcher sent this to me and said it would be a nice off shoot of my satanic rituals I posted yesterday. This lady had a horrific crash and walked away from it. Not a scratch on her and someone who obviously has some obsession with crashes, took a picture and in the video is what the picture contained. VIEW VOTE AND DISCUSS!

Is this photo real or fake?

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  1. 10-28-2010

    Ok, did anyone catch the photographer’s last name??? Boo!!! Yes Boo!!! That has to make this photo a fake!! LOL!!!

  2. 3-10-2011

    It’s either a fake or an anomoly. It requires quite a stretch of the imagination to make a blob of light on a photo into a “Guardian Angel”. Perhaps it’s actually the “Evil Demon” that caused the crash!

  3. 7-5-2011

    Don´t drive faster than your Guardian Angel can fly 😉

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