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“I have the body of a pig” – thats pretty creepy. Not only that it could be me if I don’t start eating better and working out! But seriously, the EVP is pretty clear and to be honest… the sentence they heard was pretty darn random, so it’s not like “I’m gonna haunt your ass” or something. Than they shoot some pics down the tunnel and…. *shudder* VIEW, VOTE and DISCUSS!

Is this video/photo real or fake?

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  1. 10-28-2010

    ok this one has me scratching my head!

  2. 10-28-2010

    Ok, I admit it… this one freaked me out a bit.

  3. 2-21-2011

    So is that connected to Jody the Pig Demon from Amityville?

  4. 6-10-2011

    Man !! That was freaky !!

  5. 7-15-2011

    Okay, the photo is creepy, but I loled at this supposed EVP. Keep in mind I’m a firm believer in ghosts and I’ve even seen things I believe were departed spirits. Either way, real or fake, someone’s having a laugh at us. But whether it’s the video submitter (“They’ll believe this, it’s so random”) or the spirit itself (“Psssh, guys, check this out! I’ma freak out the mortals AND confuse them LOLOL!!”), we may never know.

  6. 5-1-2012

    stuck in my head 🙁

  7. 5-14-2013

    Hey, Does anybody know where I can research more about this?


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