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In the doorway

So I watched this a couple times and I just feel like it is someone standing in the doorway.  I like the reaction. I still framed it as much as possible but nothing conclusive and it is why I think it’s just someone standing in the doorway with what looks to be a flashlight. Soooo… VIEW, VOTE and DISCUSS!

Is this video real or fake?

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  1. 10-19-2010

    I have heard a lot on this discuss, but it seems to me that your point are the best.I like the post very much.

  2. 10-19-2010

    I’m really not to sure about this one either… I too had to watch it several times. All’s I know is that if this is a fake, then someone is still to this day saying to those guys “Remember when I scared the snot out of you guys” every time he/she sees them!

  3. 10-23-2010

    Can’t say for sure, but I would lean more toward someone else being there in the doorway…

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