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Never mind “pants on the floor” how about “hands through the ceiling!” I believe this was a film project for a student and he did a wonderful job putting this together. It wasn’t made to fool anyone I think it was made because it is damn cool and creepy. No vote on this one because we know it’s not real, but there are some made up videos that kick ass and this happens to be one. As always voice your opinion below!




  1. 10-13-2010

    Extreamly creepy! Like something you would see in a Hollywood Movie! Very well done!

    • 10-13-2010

      I agree, when I saw this I did not expect the hands and I was like WTF?!

  2. 10-30-2010

    This was a great video! Knowing it was fake, it didn’t scare me, but I did really enjoy it.

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