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Orbs: Paranormal or Dust?

What are orbs? Are they a manifestation of a spirit or do you just need to dust your house better? If you have orbs in your house does this mean you need to call a paranormal investigator or do you just need a can of bug spray? This is a much debated topic in the paranormal realm. Some say they are truly a manifestation of energy created when entities are present, in fact, I have even heard claims that faces can be seen in close-up views of them. I have even heard a theory that they are little pixies or fairies flying around.

For the most part I have to say they are dust or bugs in video clips. There are a few celebrity paranormal investigators that agree with me. I have seen episodes of Ghost Hunters where they have totally dismissed orbs as some foreign object floating/flying in the air. But then on the other hand the guys over on Ghost Adventurers have claimed to have been attacked just after an orb has appeared. They have said that most orbs are dust or bugs but the ones that have a weird flight pattern or disappear are real entities. I generally have to agree with the TAPS crew and say it is just something in the air.  As to there being faces in the orbs proving that they are real spirits is just matrixing.  (I swear I saw the faces Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus in a photo of a group of orbs!)

The pixie or fairy theory, generally speaking, is an explanation I have heard for orbs in still photography. I don’t buy that one either really, but I have a harder time debunking the orbs in still photography because by the time you view the photo the atmospheric conditions have change and there is no way to say yes or no there was dust or a bug or even a little winged creature.  It could still very well be dust or bugs. I am not an expert in photography by any means so I would have no idea what a piece of dust or a random bug in a shot would look like. (Let me take a wild guess though and say it would look a lot like an orb!)

So I have to say that for me orbs are just dust or random bugs caught on camera. I have yet to see anything that would convince me otherwise. And yes I have viewed enough videos and photos of them to make that assertion. Even the orbs that appear to change flight pattern, disappear, or attack humans I still feel are bugs. What? You’ve never been dive bombed by a bug before? Yeah- I thought you have been.

What say you?

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  1. 10-21-2010

    Great article. If there is one thing I can’t stand it is ORBS. I am sure there is very few that could be what they call “spiritual” in nature, but for the most part they are bugs, dust or particles. I think it is the single most destructive thing in making paranormal studies legitimate.

  2. 10-24-2010

    Additional note: I was watching an episode of Ghost Adventures tonight with my boys and I came up with a reason why “orbs” disappear. In the show they claim that an orb was an entity because it “disappeared” into thin air. But I was able to see what I figure was a bug that changed direction and “disappeared” when it flew out of the light source from the camera. I had been struggling with how they could just disappear, but it was clear in this case the bug just flew out of the light source of the camera.

    • 12-5-2011

      Because it was a bug orb, not a ghost orb. I’ve see thousands of ghosts orbs, bug orbs. My home is infested with ghosts, in human form, and animal. Remember TV Shows, are about ratings, and have a limited budget to produce the show.

      The only way they could do a real investigation, they would have to spend months in one location. One day, one weekend is not near enough time. If they really wanted to help these families, the groups need to bring in veterans/people with ghost experence, not skeptics. The people in the haunted homes are petrified, and the last thing they need to hear, is it’s not a ghost.

      From my own experences, ghost get pissed off, when their space is invaded by more humans, and take it out on the people who live there, when the investigators leave.

    • 1-3-2014

      That doesn’t prove anything because in ghost adventures there cameras don’t have a light source

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