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The white blob

Not every post is going to be about ghosts, that is why I want people to know this is a paranormal site, not just a ghost site.  After Halloween I want to really investigate some UFO videos and pictures. But on to this video. Our lead video investigator Debbie Lomanto found this video. Not sure what to think of this one, though it could have some explanations, the guy swears he does not know what this is. VIEW, VOTE and DISCUSS!

Is this video real or fake?

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  1. 10-17-2010

    note from the lead video researcher: I feel this is possibly a light on the camera reflecting off the window. Or a flash light reflecting as well. But hey I could be wrong…. what’s your opinion?

    • 10-17-2010

      I agree and the fact that they were so nonchalant about it leads me to believe it is staged.

    • 10-18-2010

      I agree with the both of you, but the fact remains… we have no idea what it is. The guy SWEARS he has no idea what this could be.

      • 10-23-2010

        Well if you faked a video would you say you knew what it was?? If I faked a video I would have “no idea what it was”…. just saying!

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