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Abduction caught on video?

A video brought to you by Paranormal Borderline. Hosted by William T. Ricker…oh wait I mean Johnathan Frakes.  It is an interesting clip, pretty interesting idea but nothing short of a guy leaving for a bar and coming back drunk. I am just sayin’.  They say he was abducted and returned, but no one knows who he is or where he is now… so the video is the only evidence. Good story and episode, give it a look and as always… VIEW, VOTE and DISCUSS!

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  1. 11-22-2010

    very interesting video. Not quite sure if I believe in the whole abduction scenerio. Yes it could be possible, and I have seen some interviews with some seemingly reliable sources, but not 100% sure on that one. I can believe more in contact with spirits, because I have encountered that myself, but I haven’t encountered anything with a UFO or an alien so I guess that is why I can’t fully understand it. And I’m not saying that people who claim they have been abducted, they very well may have been. I just don’t know.

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