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Haiti UFO debunked

Here at Midnight Hollow, we look at everything out of the ordinary. Well not everything because we would have a whole section on our Lead Video Researcher Debbie Lomanto. But anyways, I realize this is a fake video but it is done VERY well… and I can actually see myself in this position. VIEW, VOTE and DISCUSS!

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  1. 11-3-2010

    I actually saw this video and passed it up as being too fake, a good one but a fake none the less. It looks like something they would have done in Star Wars or Star Trek. Why is there only a gasp? I would be going nuts!!

    BTW: Just because I am such an extraordinary person you really don’t have to devote an entire section to me… several would be better as you could not contain me into just one section!

  2. 11-3-2010


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