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Los Angeles missle?

So it has been said this is a plane, a missle, etc… it is, as of now, a UFO. An Unidentified Flying Object.  There are images of a plane leaving a vapor trail similar to this.  It is a mystery and For the US Government to say “no threat to homeland security” is asinine because if you do not know what it is.. how do you know?  So take a look… and always: VIEW, VOTE and DISCUSS!

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  1. 11-13-2010

    Somebody goofed and set this missle off!

  2. 11-15-2010

    I think it is a plane. And it isn’t a threat IF the US not only knows what it is but they are the ones who have developed it. So unless our own planes are a threat then I think we are safe… for a little while at least!

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