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Stan Romanek terrible acting

Hear I have another fraud. I am on a kick to show you how silly these videos are and the amount of people that will just buy it.  So here is Stan Romanek, and his blow up alien doll. Lets set this up. Stan grabbed his camera (he says because of a peeping tom) and set it up in front of a window.  Give you this is a second story window so the likely hood of a peeping tom peering in his window while lights were on, on the 2nd floor and with no woman around were not good. Oddly enough, the camera is set up… Stan leaves the room, in 30 seconds an alien appears… 30 seconds later, Stan reappears. Just enough to time to run down the steps, get the alien ready, show it in the window and for him to return. What a coincidence that it was when the alien is no longer in the window. Then the best part, Romanek’s Oscar winning performance – acting all surprised at the window.

Last we heard Stan is some “Alien Expert” and is receiving messages from them giving us alternative power sources, etc. i.e. he has either gone off the deep end or he is starting to believe himself and is getting MONEY for some of this stuff.

My new saying… “I want you to believe just believe in the right things, not these frauds.”  These people are destroying any possibility of people really believing Aliens exist.  You can only cry wolf so many times, you can only believe so many horrible fakes before everyone ignores you. As always VIEW, VOTE and DISCUSS!

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  1. 11-15-2010

    Horrible fake unless….. you watch it as a comedy! Then his reaction, which is quite laughable, is good in a comedic way!

  2. 11-23-2010

    Too funny this video.. Looks like something Connor would produce.

  3. 2-24-2011

    Such an obvious hoax. I wish someone would put this asshole in jail.

    • 5-19-2015

      he will or is in jail for kiddie porn of 5 year young al the fucking child diddler probably fucks little green children also ///anyone that believes this fraud is a fucking ignorant fool and probably believes a man lived in a whale for three days. a woman was turned into a pillar of salt and a man died, rotten for three days then got up and flew up to the sky to join his mass murdering slave promoting woman hating daddy

  4. 6-27-2011

    This footage is just plain wrong in so many ways. It’s got more holes in it than cartoon cheese and it’s not really worth dissecting as this would insult the intelligence of the reader.

  5. 7-7-2011

    – And insult the intelligence of the Aliens too – if they travel across the Universe to look at Romanek, that´s quite stupid, eh? LOL

    But it would have been funny seeing the look on his face if a REAL Alien showed up while he was busy making this little home-video!

  6. 8-1-2011

    Dear JimmyZ, I’m sorry to come to your great website and disagree with you all the time, but thank you for publishing my Reed comment. Again I have looked at this case from a different perspective. You run a blog which is doing very well with SEO, so your words count towards important subjects. When writing blogs please bear this in mind.

    Now Stan Romanek’s case is in a similar vain to Reed’s. Too much crazy evidence, alleged constant contact. There is no doubt Stan has sold many books and gained more money and fame than Reed.

    However, this peeking alien clip i found most intriguing, and makes me want to give it more credit. Sure, it’s blurry, and you can’t really see anything, but the devil’s in the details.

    The press. In my opinion, they were rattled. There are two interviews with Stan on youtube which I recommend referencing to see for yourselves what I mean. They both were at the point of release of the video. There were always two sides, with the sceptics debating with the believers. I’m British, and USA media is a joke in comparison. BOTH of the clips featured a hilarious ‘re-enactment’ of a $3 alien blow up appearing around a corner. These were made so the public just took it as a goofy subject.

    Also, in one of the clips was someone SO strange looking he is a carbon copy of what I imagine the illuminati look like, if such a thing exists. He even has a broach on which references such a thing.

    Taking it to the next level, they decided to cough up big bucks making a re-enactment of the video clip they couldn’t show. I have seen for FACT CNN or Fox claiming that the re-enactment clip was the real clip. This is blatant lying to millions, regardless of whether it’s a hoax or real. Their alleged reasoning for going to this great expense? So they can use it in a documentary at some point in the future… yeah right.

    And did you remember that when the clip first went live it was met by 10’s-100’s of fake spoofs? I do not believe this is that much of a viral idea, and few would bother, happy to see the couple of parodies and concentrate on the real one. The real clip was, and still is very hard to find on Youtube.

    Last but not least, you may not have seen the full length of the clip. I was lucky enough to see it on a BBC show, and it features very prominent flashes of light which, while could just be as easily hoaxed, IS part of the evidence. I wonder why the clip isn’t readily available.

    While I don’t believe in the case, or particularly want to go to any lengths to investigate it, I did find it very alarming that it was dealt with in this way by the US Media.

  7. 12-28-2011

    Okay n00b,

    1) second story window? No. He states in his book that it was 7ft in the air outside to the window which is not a second story.

    2) I would think a peeping Tom wouldn’t know with 100% certainty where “the women” are at.

    3) if you read his book he pretty much has a camera on him 24-7. Now this isn’t all the time but “oh my god the camera went on a tripod guess he doesn’t have a camera.”

    4) He left the room for about 20 minutes not 30seconds. Its clear that the video jumps ahead.

    I’m not saying I’m 100% accurate on what I’m saying but that my info comes from his book messages and that it does seem reasonable. I have always believe in aliens since a kid but I look at the subject logically filtering out the crap like some of the stuff on ancient aliens on the history channel….

  8. 1-22-2012

    I have met stan Romanek, his sister and his wife. I also know of the group of people who are running Stan and both are ex military intelligence. One is Rick Nelson of the Paranormal Forum who claims he runs the largest paranormal research groupin the world. Rick is by his own admissionex Naval Intelligence and is the one that actually handles all of Stan’s affairs. The other guys stays in the shadows a bit but is responsible for trashing other paranormal forums in Denver who question Stan’s experiences. His name is Bob Bixler and he former Army G-2, once again by his own admission. Both of these clowns act as fronts for Stan to keep critics away from him and their operation. Both of the above mentioned men also signed sworn statements to MUFON about Stan’s experiences and theirs while with him at his home.

    I saw the original video of the alien in the window at the Jefferson County, Colorado open space meeting hall three years ago. I got in because I knew Stan’s sister, but if Stan had known I was there he would have flipped out since he did not trust me as I work in the film industry and am very good with 3-D animation. If you had seen the video I had you know it was done in a computer program. The original has the camera following the alien through the wall of Stan’s house and up a hill (which his house does not have). All the while all you see is a green grid around the alien and under it. If you have worked in 3_d then you know this the artificial grid of a 3-D world. Also one should question whe neither Stan not his sister will use their real last name which is Dornak. Both Stan and his sister grew up on a military base in North Dakota.

    Another b.s element to his story is claiming that somebody show at him while he was driving on Federal boulevard and chased him as well. he claims to have police reports attesting to this but has never released them. Also his so-called witnesses are never named. This is a b.s story to sell bookspure and simple. Don’t buy all the witnesses that made reports to MUFON since they are all Stan’s friends and attend Naval Intelligence agent Rick Nelson’s Paranormal Forum.

    Also the reason they won’t show all of the footage they claim to have is that they are trying to get a film deal in Hollywood, which I know is not going to happen.

    Also this month (January 2012) they are having in invite up to their house here in Colorado buy you have to be invited and you have to be a true believer or your not getting in. This they said at Rick’slast meeting. Interesting huh?

  9. 6-27-2012

    My name is Kevin hardy, I live in Iowa with my wife and kids. Stan has contacted me after he had seen what I captured in my sons room on video audio and photos 1 month after our son claimed to see a UFO at his window in our 102 year old home, we dismissed his story until a month later, when we captures what we did we do not want to sell this story , it should be seen by all of us with no money gained on our end, it’s real, it happened to us, but we didn’t get any messages from an alien, we just want to know what they were doing with our children. Anyone who wishes to see my photos and hear my story I will share everything for free. xsouthomahax@

  10. 5-16-2014

    I watched his new film, extraordinary, and it was utter crap. This is a money making scheme.
    Being a follower of the ufo phenomena, I could see how much of his story uses truth mixed with lots of lies.
    This is the way to fool most people. He is NOT working alone with this scam either.

  11. 8-11-2014

    Since you mention the Documentary Film, Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story…that can be seen only on I must interject that j3films owns the film not Stan and I. It has been our sole intent to simply tell our story of contact with extraterrestrials, and by releasing as much of the footage, equations and pictures as we could “for free.” Look on YouTube, use your Google buttons for goodness sakes!
    Be well,

  12. 10-1-2014

    the orb section was a total fake. if you know anything about parallax in reddot optics and the lack of parallax or parallax-free to infinity in a holographic optics you can tell the orb is a projection on the window because when the view of the camera pans left the orb pans right and the same repeats in the opposite direction everytime he moves the camera in any direction. now to the little ghost shadow part. everyone knows if you take a picture with the shutter open or camera in motion it will make the image look transparent. i have taken a pic of myself before doing this and you could clearly see me and through me well enough to look outside through the window behind me. this movie was very funny.

  13. 5-19-2015

    why do ufo only crash in the USa and how does every other country in the world where is the facts never devulge there own alien craft and little green men Its seems strange that a alien can travel for zillions of miles and then crashes when the get to the USA …OH ya its because of the radar and their craft can obviate cosmic radiation… comets, space dust, other ufos, gravitation wells black holes and many other cosmological dangers but get caught on a little radio wave of radar,and kaboom bbing bang bonk bingo they crash at roswell hahahahahahahah come on you true blue believers show me some real evidence that there are little green/blue/white/black or rainbow coloured aliens here on earth . In 60 years there is NO… NONE/ negative… real evidence, Now that seems to prove that the story is false

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