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UFO Landing in Canada

This is a video that you can easily dismiss at first glance, but once you break it down, it is VERY hard to figure out what the hell it is. The witnesses say they saw something in the sky slowly coming down to earth and land, and that gave one of the witnesses enough time to grab a camera and film what you see in the video. Some people say it was a pickup truck with flares and a strobe light. I guess I could buy it if the flippin object LOOKED like a truck, but it doesn’t. Look at the still frame above. Looks like a 30 foot bottle cap really. As always, VIEW, VOTE and DISCUSS.

Is this video real or fake?

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  1. 11-15-2010

    I debated over my poll answer, which ended up being I’m not sure what to think. It is one of the more convincing videos I have seen, but could have been hoaxed. I am more of the feeling that it is real. I have seen this video several times in different settings and always been impressed by it.

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