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UK UFO chasing fighter jets

Our LVR Deb Lomanto got off her butt and sent us this video. Rumored to be shown on over 500 news stations, this event took place over United Kingdom airspace.  Reports tell us that the UFO was chasing the fighter jets, but the clip is short and shaky (as usual) and does not portray any “chasing.”  After reading about so many hoaxes and fakes… I am already starting to just discount these things without giving it thought. Unfortunately that is what these idiots who hoax do, make you disbelieve even if there is proof enough TO believe. Anyways, VIEW VOTE AND DISCUSS!

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  1. 11-18-2010

    Just leaving ya room to go on your rants, oh fearless leader! I sent this one because I have seen this guy many times and have found him to be reasonably credible. He was a member of the English government and not just some wingnut with a video camera and a couple of pie tins glued together.
    My question is… who is it that doesn’t want us to believe? The government, the hoaxters, the ones telling the truth. Without getting to conspiratorial here, it would seem the government(s) don’t want us to believe that the Earth has been visited by extra terristrials. Why? not sure, but what better way than overloading us on hoaxes and bull crap.
    On another conspiratorial note (even though I said I wasn’t going there) I once heard that when someone asks any part of the government if there are UFO’s and they say Nope, no such thing. They are being truthful because to them they are not UNidentified, they know what/who they are. So could it be that we have been asking the wrong question all along??

  2. 11-18-2010

    Very good point! If the UFO is an alien vessel it actually is no longer a UFO. Interesting point!

  3. 11-21-2010

    Looks kind of fake to me…

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