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Moscow circular lights

When Debbie Lomanto sent this to me, I was skeptical by the sounds of it, until I watched it. What in the world could this of been?  Thousands witnessed it, so a CG Hoax is out.  It could just be the way the sun is hitting the clouds, but in such a perfect circular formation? I am really stumped on this and a news station is reporting it. This happened in Moscow of all places. Interesting! VIEW, VOTE and DISCUSS!!!

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  1. 11-5-2010

    I actually found multiple versions of this very same thing. I too at first thought yeah right but seeing it on a news station and then a number of different versions has me stumped. That is like something out of a movie like Independence Day or the TV show V. Very interesting at the very least!

  2. 11-6-2010

    Very interesting and very weird… It could have been a weather formation… but it could have been……

  3. 5-18-2013

    I have a picture of exactly the same phenomenon over Pattaya, Thailand a couple of years ago. It was directly over the city and was larger than the city. It freaked a lot of people out and as one of the previous commenters said, we thought it was gonna reveal a giant alien spacecraft like in Independence Day!

    I took several photos and will upload them for comparison when I get home next week!

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