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Dead Chupacabras found in Texas?

Dead Chupacabras Found in Texas? Apparently. It is an older story but an interesting one none the less.  The Chupacabra’s was supposedly killing livestock and such, but this doesn’t look bigger than an average Cocker Spaniel. Not that a smaller creature couldn’t inflict fatal damage on a larger mammal, but you just figure it should be bigger than that, right? VIEW VOTE and DISCUSS!

Is the Chupacabra for real?

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  1. 12-10-2010

    I wouldn’t even call that a coyote… looks more like a dog to me. I have seen other stories about the Chupacabras and they have all been feral dogs. Sometimes feral dogs die an ugly death because of the elements, lack of food, or injuries that cause them to no longer look like normal dogs in death.

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