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Tree stand creature

When news stations start to report thing I really take notice. Not that they couldn’t be fooled you see, but they have to go through some process to make sure it isn’t a full blown hoax. So what is this? I mean they could of just photoshopped it in there I suppose, but away from that, man what could this be?

I knew it looked fimiliar but just for the heck of it, look at this video and then view the one below and tell me they don’t look somewhat alike? Errie.


Is this photo real?

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  1. 12-23-2010

    Weird, can’t write it off as a hoax right away…

  2. 1-1-2011

    Terrorist or spy? Night goggles=weird eyes… camo/armor=disproportionate body. Not disregarding alien theory.. but so many possibilties.

  3. 1-1-2011

    Person born with 10% of the skin layers? Person who was burned badly? ZOMBIE??!

  4. 3-27-2011

    It looks pretty legit…but I still am really unsure..

  5. 7-4-2011

    A shaved monkey perhaps??

  6. 11-6-2011

    a bad photoshop drawing, look at the body, whoever drew it, sucks.

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