Levitating girl?

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Levitating girl?

Ok this is a great video. The story is, a guy was filming his dog in the woods, why I do not know, but he has to chase his dog around the bush and low and behold there is a girl levitating in the middle of the forest. If this is staged, it is done very well… they have all the elements: shaky video, a reason to be filming (I guess), a supernatural event and the aftermath which is completely beleivable – people running off. VIEW, VOTE and DISCUSS!

Was this girl really levitating?

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  1. 2-2-2011

    That is awesome!! I hope it’s real

  2. 2-12-2011

    I find it funny that the guy drops the camera and that is when the girl comes down. So we don’t see if the lady unattached her from a wire or what..

  3. 3-23-2011

    Not enough info to form a definite conclusion but probability would suggest she was hanging from a branch or by some support attached to a tree. The fact that the camera drops right at the end of this “miraculous event” certainly rouses suspicion.

  4. 3-23-2011

    Upon further viewing, I think the girl in the air is actually a dummy, pulled away and swapped for the real girl at the end.

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