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Motion Detector Ghost

Here is an interesting video. I don’t know what to really think of this. Of course it could of been staged, but let’s take a look and take it for what it is, a fun ghost video. Not sure why the door closes, maybe there was a draft and the ghost thought he should shut the door. VIEW, VOTE AND DISCUSS.

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  1. 2-12-2011

    The way the door closes is kind of suspicious… but the shadow is weird and that is what makes me think a little that this is real.

  2. 4-5-2011

    Yeah, shadows are IMPOSSIBLE to fake! Geez. Clearly a hoax. A guy walking by the light as he pulls the fishing line that shuts the door.

  3. 5-8-2011

    The thing that makes me unsure about this and not think its a hoax is from a producer standpoint. The reason this show is popular is because its not over the top ghostly happenings. They are things relateable that can happen to the average person. They capture 10 to 15 occurrences the entire night over about six to eight hours. So you have to imagine there’s a lot of downtime. As a show producer, if this is fake, then why not fake so much more then for shock value? They could do more figures, more things thrown. But they haven’t. And why risk people finding out they’e hoaxes? Then there goes your viewership. Hmmm…..

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