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Solway Firth Photo

This is just weird. Pretty elaborate set up if this is a fake, and even Kodak experts couldn’t figure this up… here is an excerpt:

Some days later Mr Templeton got his photographs processed by the chemist, who said that it was a pity that the man who had walked past had spoilt the best shot of Elizabeth holding a bunch of flowers. Jim was puzzled. There had been nobody else on the marshes nearby at the time.

Read the rest here: The Solway Firth Photo, 1964 (Spaceman)




  1. 1-21-2011

    So I gotta ask…. was the “ghost” trying to moon the photographer?

    But really, in all seriousness that is a very interesting photo. I’m not sure how it could have been faked except if there was someone in a white or light gray hoddie. If it is photo shopped then it is one hell of a good job. You can see the “ghost” through the parts of the little girls hair that have been blown out of place by the wind.

  2. 8-30-2011

    I think this photo is the back of a real person looking away from the camera. having done some research on the subject I think it probably a bit of a in-joke that went unexpectedly global!

    Great mystery though !

  3. 12-3-2011

    Jim Templeton, Spaceman photographer sadly died this week aged 91.

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