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Deer Ghost

This is just a short clip. It is a small deer that gets spooked by this ghost like thing.  It is interesting and REALLY short.  I watched it like 5 times. Not sure what spooked the deer, but it does look like it was that light, apparition like thing next to it. Watch the video a few times and judge for yourself. VIEW VOTE AND DISCUSS!

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  1. 3-10-2011

    If by “apparition”, you mean the small lights on the right, you’re just seeing the eyes of another deer in the background. If these deer were “spooked” at all, it was by the camera flash. Deer are also spooked by sounds and odors, which the camera doesn’t give us. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

    • 4-18-2016

      The glowing eyes are not the focus. There is a faint, light shadow that quickly comes from behind the dear and crosses to the left (from viewer’s vantage) and up to the deer’s right. “real” or not, kinda creepy indeed.

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