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Jamaican Boy Haunted

Here is a video of a news station reporting on a boy who is haunted by a poltergeist.  Very interesting, and some pretty crazy things happening. I am not sure if this could of been staged without the news reporter knowing about it, so I guess the reputation of the news reporter is key to the validation of this video. As always VIEW, VOTE and DISCUSS!

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  1. 3-10-2011

    Just because a kid spazzes out every now and then doesn’t mean he’s haunted by a poltergeist. He either has a mental illness or is starved for attention.

  2. 4-12-2011

    i was not looking for attention you jerk i was really being tugged by a ghost you jerk look at the video again DA *unconfirmed response*

  3. 1-24-2012

    Yeah dude that shit looks legit… the kid gets pulled horizontally… It’s easy to write it off as fake when you don’t experience it, but when you do come back crying and see how annoying it is when people like you pull the same skeptic card.

  4. 7-21-2012

    I have not seen this before and it is genuine. the ghost is also attacking the whole family. It seems the spirit is attached to the boy and in usual circumstances a exorcism would be an option.

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