Ghost in Window

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Ghost in Window

It looks to us like a man’s face. It looks like the mouth may be open wide as if yelling. And as my face passes over the window it looks like the face “fades out” or disappears.

interesting… A good story behind this, good quality footage. Maybe it’s real but as always VIEW, VOTE and DISCUSS!

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  1. 3-23-2011

    The “ghost face”, which is barely visible, is clearly a reflection of the narrator’s own face as he passes by the window. The people that voted “yes” got burned again!

  2. 6-30-2011

    It could simply be someone on the other side of the window looking in – why should we automatically assume it’s a ghost?.

  3. 6-30-2011

    Why do we assume it’s a ghost? Because it is much more interesting that way LOL! 🙂

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