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Haunted Airfield

So this is an old school ghost video. Pretty interesting and some things are a bit hard to believe. I believe this is “Haunted Earth.” But this is a fun video that is only 5 minutes long. As always I hope you view, vote and discuss. We would love to hear your opinion.

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  1. 3-23-2011

    I thought the little dust cloud looked more like a gila monster than an airman. I never knew dead airplanes possessed souls but fortunately we don’t have to worry cause there’s a difference between not hearing and not noticing what was obviously the faint sound of a real live airplane flying in the distance. I could see nothing in the other photographs except dust floating in the air, er, I mean “orbs”.

  2. 6-27-2011

    Subjective ‘feelings’ and physical contacts arising from a heightened sense of awareness and expectation – add to this a huge dollop of confirmation bias and we get a bunch of people in a dark, allegedly haunted location seeing what they expect to see and feel.

    ‘Faded ectoplasmic image of a man, possibly an airman’ – geez this guy is optimistic. Ectoplasm is so 19th century and was proven time and time again to be faked by mediums using everything from egg whites to silk and muslin. The outline drawn is pure subjective interpretation and pareidolia. The ‘amazing EVP’ of a four pistoned WW2 vintage airplane is interesting but on what grounds does the voiceover assert that it is as he describes it?. It’s far more likely to be a commercial or civilian aircraft passing overhead than the ghostly mechanics of a long rusted WW2 aircraft.
    The photos at the end consist of the usual suspects – orbs (dust) and digital matrixing caused by the camera sensor having to work overtime in low light/bright flash conditions.
    To sum up… They came, they believed, they saw and they put WW2 and WW2 together and came up with experiences and ‘evidence’ that exactly matched what they were expecting.

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