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This was claimed to have been compiled after the first Tsunami back in 2004.  Strange sea creatures seemed to have been surfaced. Of course this could all be normal and/or hoaxed. But it is still pretty creepy and some of them have to be real.  Anyways it was interesting none the less. VIEW, VOTE and DISCUSS! (sorry the video is in a foreign language)


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  1. 6-16-2011

    We are constantly discovering new species. With the amount of turbulance that the ocean was under during the tsunami could have stirred up creatures hidden in the depths.

  2. 10-27-2011

    Some of these look like they were made with a Creepy Crawlers set like I had when I was a kid. I can identify some of them, but the rest look fake, BUT could be real. You never know!

  3. 10-27-2011

    There is nothing paranormal about this video. Just someone walking up on the hill. I am a paranormal investigator, and by looking at this video, I CAN debunk it as not being paranormal.

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