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I realize the screen capture is a black box with 3 red dots. But that is actually what people were seeing. Witnesses said they moved across the sky very slowly over a 15-20 minute span. Then one light disappears. Then a minute or two later the other two disappear quickly one immediately followed by the other. Many news agencies reported on it and many people saw it. VIEW, VOTE and DISCUSS!

What are these lights?

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  1. 4-2-2011

    On April first a friend and I were driving along the road in Arvada and we saw a bunch of strange lights in the sky. There were a couple bright golden lights in the sky that didn’t appear to be moving and were VERY bright, and right in the middle of the sky there were 4 strange lights that didn’t seem to be moving either that formed a wide V shape, and later all of the lights just kind of vanished completely.

    It was the strangest thing we’ve ever seen. My friend dose not even believe in ufos but after seeing those lights he said it was completely something else and that it was possible.

    I’ve been trying to find information or footage that people managed to take on this date but so far I’m finding nothing.

    It was really something else

  2. 4-4-2011

    They were definitely UFOs in as much as I wasn’t able to identify them. Didn’t look like flares. The fact that they appear so stationary leads me to believe they’re probable lights attached to some structure(s) on a mountain that’s too dark to be seen on the video. I certainly don’t see anything partcularly unusual about them that would suggest an extraterrestrial origin.

  3. 3-11-2015

    So that’s the case? Quite a relitaveon that is.

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