UFO over Chicago

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So apparently someone caught hold of a video and CBS has now been showing it. All copyright and ownership belong to CBS. This is one of those that you scratch your head and say, well it could definitely be planes in formation but for some reason a lot of people are thinking it is something else. I guess I’ll roll with the hype. As normal VIEW VOTE and DISCUSS!

UFO over Chicago from JimmyZ on Vimeo.




  1. 4-27-2011

    WOAH…weird! This is the first I have seen of this video and I live in the Chicagoland area.

  2. 6-16-2011

    That is interesting…
    Why would that many planes beflying that low over the city? There was an awful lot of whatever they were…

  3. 6-30-2011

    Flock of birds reflecting bright lights?. Altitude and speed is consistent with a small flock of large birds – not the first time our feathered friends have been mistaken for space aliens.

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