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Sorry for the length of time it takes to get some new material. Got another job and running my own business can be quite draining on time and energy. So this is an interesting thing. I know this could of been easily created, but it is kind of creepy and fun. As always I would appreciate feedback. VIEW, VOTE and DISCUSS.


Thumbs up if you like the video thumbs down if you do not.




  1. 6-16-2011

    There is nothing to suggest that there is anything paranormal about that video. There is a humanoid form that is seen in the middle of the path that walks across the road. It looks like a CGI silhouette. Why does the footage start with it in the middle of the road?

  2. 6-27-2011

    Good points George. It looks like a set up with some guy planted in position ready to walk off camera on cue.
    Up here in Scotland we have similar Mountain Biking designated areas where people are advised not to walk – but they do (as do I), however I don’t think this is some random guy wandering through the woods and it’s certainly not a strange creature. They could have least hired a monkey suit…

  3. 7-4-2011

    I think it is a human carrying a bag or something on the back.

  4. 8-14-2011

    I also don’t think there is anything paranormal about this clip… it’s not even creepy. I question too why the footage starts in the middle of the road. And also why the movement is not smooth and natural like a human starting to walk. It’s more like a CG starting to move. It would have been creepy if the figure looked creepy… this one doesn’t.

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