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A Ball of fire…. in WNY?

You can see the video here:

WBFO Video of flaming ball in sky.

Snippet from WBFO Facebook page:

What do you thing this is? A family living in Amherst near French and Campbell Blvd. say they saw what appeared to be a ball of fire flying across the sky, moving Northeast. They only captured a few seconds after racing into the house to grab the camcorder. WBFO News called Amherst Police, but they had no reports.





  1. 7-25-2011

    saw the same ball of fire above Frewsburg NY, at 9:50pm on the 21st. We watched it for a few minutes before it was out of sight. Only thing we can think it could be is a hot air balloon. It moved steadily but not quickly. PLEASE REPLY!

    • 7-26-2011

      We have not got any reports… at least no internet news site reported anything. If it was a hot air balloon and it was on fire… I am sure it would of been on the news… probably headlines. I searched Buffalo News and got nada.

    • 6-19-2013

      seen them on june 19th 2013,, there were 6 of them slow and not flashing, solid red orbs. straight line and were at random distances between them. they were close and not satelites…we watched for several minutes.

  2. 7-28-2011

    Saw 5 balls of fire on the 22nd in Northern Rhode Island around 9 pm. They all followed the same path, and at a steady pace. They passed over and seemed to fizzle out in the distance. Sorta freaked us out and I have been googling and googling for answers ever since. Called the police, they acted like we were insane and never responded to the call. It was during that heat wave, which is also concerning.. Let me know if anyone comes up with an explanation or further descriptions of the fireball

  3. 9-20-2011

    The ball of fire that you saw is the same thing that people have been seen randomly throughout history. Some think of it as a “portal of death” because they are usually seen either hovering above graveyard, or they fly through the sky and end up in a graveyard. When one of these show up a person dies.

  4. 12-4-2011

    My dad said he saw the same thing in Mexico when he was little around a lake early in the morning around 4 in the morning he never found an explanation to it but but people said that that’s how witches travel around. He said it was a bright ball and you could see flames but after a while it disappeared

  5. 6-19-2012

    has anyone found out what it actually is ?? My parents say three last night

    • 6-19-2013

      Tonight s[potted 6 of these over Frewsburg NY , got several pictures…they were in sight for a few minutes then each vanished except the last one..lasted a few more minutes…each was slow and red ball. Anyone else?

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