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This is interesting and I am sure there is a good explanation to all this. A car chase with what seems to be some drunken man, leads them to a field and a fence that does not allow the police car to continue to chase, but the car disappears. Let us know what you think!

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  1. 4-13-2012

    Very interesting…

    • 4-28-2012

      I saw a program where they checked out the fence and found that the bottom clips that hold in to the post were not bolted, Therefore when the driver hit the fence it just went over the top of the car and went back down before the officers got there.

      • 2-28-2014

        You didn’t see the fence moving afterwards… Usually it would make a noise or be moving because the car is tall and the fence should have broke Just saying

  2. 7-9-2012

    Larry Roberts is right. The show was Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. They proved that it was just that. The fence swung back before the cop car with the dash cam made the turn. Very interesting though, my guess is that the person in the car knew about the fence and had used it previously to get away.

  3. 3-5-2013

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