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The famous “Smith Building Ghost”. This was not filmed by me or anyone affiliated with Midnight Hollow.  A guy named Mike and his friends investigate the apparently abandoned Smith Building after hearing that it is haunted by the spirit of a female. The whereabouts of Mike and co. are currently unknown. Nobody seems to know him or anything about him, except that he had an interview with a local reporter about the video, and talked about his experience. The interview was aired on TV, but is near impossible to find.





  1. 8-19-2012

    The guys were working in the Smith building because they were hired to fix it up with dry walling and painting…when they began to hear crazy shit so they then decided to do an investigation. Very creepy vid and one of the best out there.

  2. 8-31-2012

    Guys that scream like that should not be ghost hunting, they scare the ghosts. Why did he have to run back for Tom for, was he going to protect him or something?

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