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A few years back, a highway security camera caught something crossing the street. Some people say its a deer… that is the weirdest looking deer I ever did see. Not sure what it is really. As always VOTE and comment below!!!

Uploaded on Mar 23, 2011

WHAT is that running across the road..???




  1. 6-27-2013

    I think it’s a deer. They move odder than one would think. They are not very graceful. I watched them all last year at work. I would see one get spooked and all of them bound clumsily away. No doubt in my mind this is a deer. It just looks even weirder because CCTV doesn’t shoot as many frames per second as a video camera.

    • 8-21-2013

      Debby, I totally agree with you. Near the end of the short clip you can really see it is a deer. We have so many in Amherst that I’m used to see them crossing the roads like that.

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