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This is going to be my first installment of LEGENDS of PARANORMAL. I will research the myth and/or legend and show images and videos. Please do not hesitate to comment below on something you would like featured.

The Weeping Woman (La Llorona)


la_llorona_by_nativecartoon-d5qd7gcSome people talk of the legend of La Llorona. They say they were walking at night and hear unmistakable sounds of a woman crying, although there was no one around.

They say the name is La Llorona and she is known to walk the arroyos or irrigation ditches searching for her lost children.

Legend has it that the woman sacrificed her children for the love of a man who was not partial to kids. She drowned her babies in the arroyo, thinking she could then find happiness with her lover. She obviously was of the mental challenged.

They say afterwards the man only found another reason to leave, and she was alone with the horrific memories of what she had done to her innocent children. Unable to live with herself and her awful deed, the La Llorona took her own life hoping to reunite with her offspring.

Evidently this was not correct. It just damned the woman to walk the ditches where she had committed her horrendous act. Reliving the horror over and over as she searches and searches, weeping and sobbing over her self-inflicted tragedy. Never to find peace in fits of sobs and cries.


La-Llorona4You can identify the mother by her long black hair, wearing white clothing, and wringing her hands.

Some countries have different takes on this urban legend; In Chile, the spirit is called “La Pucullen,” and she is searching for her son. She is often seen by animals, and people who are near death. Sometimes you can this apparition if you wipe dog tears on your eyes. La Llorona is a young Indian maiden who had fallen in love with a nobleman from El Salvador. In Guatemala, if men hear La Llorona’s wailing, and the sight of her can drive them insane. In Honduras, La Llorona often tries to seduce unsuspecting men, and then turns into an ugly old woman before their eyes.

The story in Panama is more detailed; She is called “La Tulivieja,” the beautiful wife of a Noble Man who wanted to party rather than stay home and take care of the their son. When the father was out-of-town on business, the mother wanted to go dancing. She left her son under a nearby tree while attending a nearby party. A storm passed through the village, and the child was gone when the woman returned. For her failure God punished the woman for her irresponsibility by taking her beauty and health. La-Llorona


The sad haunting theme of La Llorona is the same, and caring mothers in these parts of our world know well the danger of La Llorona. It seems although the weeping woman will never find her own children as she walks the arroyos and waterways calling for them, in her desperation and anguish, she’s been known to go after yours as well.


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