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Wedding Day Ghost: Pareidolia or Hoax?

Thanks to our PVR Debbie Burns for bringing this to us.  This is an image making the rounds, and as most skeptics would pass it off as a hoax for fun image. But the owner of the image is swearing it has not been altered. Examining it myself, it is impossible to know if it was because of the size. We need much higher resolution or produce the real image before we can say yes or no.

On a side note, think they looked at this wedding photo a day or two later and said… oh well… um maybe this wedding thing wasn’t a great idea?


I sort of was hesitating putting up this image on GhostTheory because of the obvious problems with an image like this. The problems being that the image is too small to really analyze. Blowing it up only pixelates it more. Also the fact that the image itself of the “ghost” is too dramatic, too “Hollywoodish”. No matter what, It seems to be making its rounds through the internet as a “True ghost” picture…

Read the rest of the article here: Wedding Day Ghost: Pareidolia or Hoax?

This is from a GREAT website called Ghost Theory. Visit them here: GHOST THEORY



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