Huge Fireball in the North East

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A huge fireball streaked across Toronto last night. Did anyone see it?

Toronto police and fire services received calls about a “huge fireball that might be a plane crashing into the Toronto Harbour” around 10:36PM EST. There were over 280 official sightings of the fireball of which many took to social media causing quite a stir.

The fireball started around Western New York but the brightest flashes could be viewed in Ontario and Toronto. The University of Toronto’s Scarborough Observatory as part of timelapse coverage caught the fireball as it ripped through the sky.

The meteor was likely part of the cosmic debris formed by Hailey’s Comet, which crashes into Earth each October. Starting Tuesday the Orionids shower is something caused by Halley’s Comet but rarely has such a large and visible fireball.



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