One day over the summer I was looking for paranormal videos, like I always do a few times a week.  I see a video “Real ghost caught on tape in livingroom.” I click on it. 30 seconds into the clip I get Rick Astley… yes I was Rick Rolled. Frustrated I continued to look, came across one called “Surveillance camera catches spirit.” I Click on it. 90 seconds into it, some imposed face of a zombie jumps out with a big “AHHHHHHHH!” through the speakers of my computer. I would of jumped but I read the comments below the video and I was hoping there was actually something BEFORE the adolescence took form.  Bottom line… I was frustrated.

I have had a domain for a long time, and decided to put it to good use!  I have been compiling videos mostly, but also good stories, images and other paranormal things that I believe people would find interesting.  So on October 8th, 2010 I launched Midnight Hollow and brought on board a Video Researcher Debbie Lomanto.

Our long term plan is to have a very comprehensive listing of paranormal videos, thought provoking articles, indepth investigations and a massive list of sites/videos/shows/movies that are paranormal related.

VIDEOS: It is important that we let viewers vote and comment on videos.  It is important that we get feedback on what people truly think of the video.

ARTICLES: Written by free lancers, Debbie Lomanto and myself JimmyZ. They will range from debunking some paranormal phenomena to finding a place where you can visit to experience the unexplained.

INVESTIGATIONS: Would love to our own investigations in some regional work like NNY, CNY and/or WNY!

LIST: I want a listing of books, videos, movies, websites, etc. For anything you would find creepy or paranormal.

COMMENTS: Unfortunately spammers are every turn so we have to approve the first comment before you can see any of them.